27 / 11 / 2017

We go forward in new technological solutions for a healthy aging

Frailty is a term coined to identify those objects or materials "weak or easy to deteriorate". In the field of aging it is used to designate those elderly, vulnerable people who have high risk of suffering adverse events.

TECNALIA, in its effort to improve the quality of life of the elderly, is investigating new measures to promote healthy aging, by preventing frailty and functional deterioration and in this way decreasing the incidence of dependence and falls in the elderly people, among other pathologie.

In the field of aging, we talk about "frailty" to designate those vulnerable elderly people who have high risk of suffering adverse events. It is an age-related syndrome characterized by decreased functional reserve, and it is strongly associated with sarcopenia, since it places older people at risk of disability, hospitalization and death induced by falls. The prevalence is high in people over 65, since at this age it goes from 7 to 16%, and this percentage increases with age.

Frailty, unlike dependency, is reversible; you can intervene to reverse or slow down its effects; to age with a better quality of life and without dependency in old age. In order to prevent dependency, it is of crucial importance to focus on the detection and treatment of frailty both in hospitals and in society in general.

To respond to this challenge, and through FALCO initiative, entities such as TECNALIA, BIODONOSTIA, VICOMTECH, CIDETEC, MATIA, TEKNIKER and UPV-EHU collaborate in the investigation of methods and new technological solutions for the characterization, assessment and treatment of pre-frail and frail individuals. Current research focuses on intervention through multicomponent physical training programs (combination of strength training, resistance, balance and walking) and cognitive training. TECNALIA contributes to this initiative with its research in new technological solutions for the assessment and training of balance and postural control of the elderly.

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