New technological solutions, which facilitate the maintenance and recovery of the functional capacity of pre-frail and frail elderly people, and allow the therapist to make a detailed follow-up of the evolution of the person”.

With this project we want to lay the foundations, through prototypes at laboratory level, for a training space that we will call "Frailty Corner", as a space that has the equipment and specific training programs in different areas for elderly people with different level or degree within the frailty syndrome.

The objective is to design both training plans adapted to different levels and training space.


Based on the results of FRAILTEK, work is being done to:

  • Provide a guide for the therapist to act, including an initial assessment protocol, training proposal, the training itself, the measurement of the results and the evaluation of the effects.

  • Design new training plans or multicomponent intervention programs that combine physical exercises and more effective cognitive tasks oriented to pre-frail and frail elderly people.

  • Create a new system for the training of strength, power, upper trunk mobility based on the use of a robotic arm and a force sensor.

  • Create an advanced system for specific training of balance / postural control in standing.

  • Develop a mathematical model representative of the physiology of the upper limbs of the user. Digital modeling technologies that integrated with the training equipment allow to offer the therapist more detail of the effect of the training programs at the physiological level.

  • Create a "Frailty Corner" space at the laboratory level, to test the developments and disseminate the research carried out both in the health and social care environment and in the industrial environment.
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