The consortium

“Multidisciplinary consortium involving a Health Research Institute (Biodonostia), a Gerontological Research Institute (Matia), Technological Research Centers (Tecnalia, Cidetec, Tekniker, Vicomtech) and departments of the University of the Basque Country of the medical field (Dept. of Physiology) and of the technological field (Dept. of Computer Science).”

Agglutinates agents of the Basque Network of Science and Technology of the university, biomedical, health and social care, clinical and scientific-technological field that offer the necessary competences for the development of research in Frailty, including:

  • Competencies in the health and social care field: Medical and translational knowledge (at the clinical, molecular, cellular level) of the frailty condition and the requirements for assessing the needs of the elderly with comorbidity and polypharmacy.
  • Access to cohorts of frail and pre-frail people for the evaluation of new assessment models, training programs, and technological developments.
  • Scientific competences: Biomechanics and movement control, electrotherapy, physiology and physiotherapy, technologies for gait and movement analysis, biofeedback, musculoskeletal modeling, EMG / EEG technologies, devices for neurorehabilitation, cognitive aspects of rehabilitation, biomarkers.
  • Technological competences: Robotics, pressure sensorization, functional electrostimulation (FES), orthosis for rehabilitation, biofeedback, 3D vision, EMG signal analysis, musculoskeletal modeling and digital simulation.
  • Equipment and laboratories: Laboratories for gait analysis, movement and balance, equipment for 3D vision analysis, equipment for measuring physiological signals including EMG, robotics laboratory, workshops for prototyping.
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